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Breweries of Local, Craft Beer in Mount Pleasant

Breweries in Mt. Pleasant The craft beer industry in the United States, and particularly South Carolina, is continuing to boom. Whether from a desire to drink local, craft brews or a desire to know the people, ingredients and methods which go into one’s beer, or from a desire to be trendy, the consumption of local […]

Recreational Shrimp Season

Every fall, local residents who enjoy shrimping plan their calendars to get a bounty of the amazing sweet shrimp that come from the coastal waters around Mount Pleasant. Find out all you need to know about shrimping over bait in the fall, including regulations and how to use the shrimp you catch.

Paddle sports on Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant waterways

Living in Mount Pleasant comes with the bonus of proximity to saltmarsh and tidal creeks. Getting out on the water in a kayak or on an SUP gives you a new perspective. From the water, admire the beauty of the ecosystem, experience the birds and beauty of this coastal paradise.

Boone Hall Sunflowers Radiant and Ready for Fall Selfies

Get an instant dose of Happy. Take your family out for a visit to the Boone Hall Sunflower fields. Get location, hours and details on this year’s sunflower season.

Mount Pleasant’s Memorial Waterfront Park is an Area Favorite

Sunsets, Fishing, Celebrations and More Possible at the Park There’s probably not a person alive who dislikes walking along the waterfront watching the sunset.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Town of Mount Pleasant, SC (@experiencemp) on Aug 19, 2020 at 4:00pm PDT   In the shadow of the […]

Sweetgrass Baskets Are Works of Art

Sweetgrass baskets are coiled baskets “sewed” by African Americans who have preserved and cherished their tradition of creating these baskets from native grasses. The craft was brought to these shores during slavery times in the hearts, hands, and minds of those who were enslaved on rice growing farms in the area.

Oyster Roasts a Fall and Winter Celebration

If it’s fall, then oyster season has opened and folks are just waiting for cold weather to enjoy an oyster roast. The waters north of Mt. Pleasant are a great place for recreational oyster harvests. Learn more about hosting an oyster roast.

So Many Restaurants…

  Hungry? The only issue is choosing where to eat. Dining options in Mt. P include everybody’s faves like pizza and seafood to fine dining options. Eater offers up a list of some of their top choices which include Carmen y Juan’s, The Shellmore, Kanpai, Langdon’s and a few others. Long-standing faves such as Tavern […]

Mount Pleasant Farmers Market

  See you at the market… A weekly must do for Mount Pleasant residents is the Farmers Market. From jam, jellies, to tomatoes, okra, corn, and olive oils (and way, way more) there’s something for everyone. Check out these recent Instagram posts to get a flavor of this local favorite.   View this post on […]

Seewee People were First Residents

  Did you know that Mount Pleasant was home to native Americans the Seewees? According to Wikipedia,  The site of Mount Pleasant was originally occupied by the Sewee people, an Algonquian language-speaking tribe. The first English colonists arrived in 1680. They were under the leadership of “Captain Florentia O’Sullivan. Captain O’Sullivan had been granted 2,340 […]

Charleston is our backyard

  Charleston is usually thought of as the major city to Mount Pleasant’s suburbia, but we’d like to change that around. Charleston is the near-by city that we enjoy for dining out, history and art and culture events. There is no doubt that Charleston is a leader for amazing cultural events such as Spoleto Festival […]