Local Beer Breweries Lowdown on Life in Mt Pleasant SC

Breweries in Mt. Pleasant

The craft beer industry in the United States, and particularly South Carolina, is continuing to boom. Whether from a desire to drink local, craft brews or a desire to know the people, ingredients and methods which go into one’s beer, or from a desire to be trendy, the consumption of local beers is exploding. The greatest increase in sales has come from on-premise consumption at the breweries themselves.

South Carolina has, since 2008, continued to create an environment which is favorable to the sales and growth of the industry, though the state’s distribution system is still a hindrance to many.  The pandemic has had a strong impact on craft breweries which have experienced closures due to government mandates, and limits on numbers allowed on premise. Though as of this article’s publication, some pandemic sales and gathering restrictions have been loosened.

Craft breweries in South Carolina Stats
This graphic is provided from the Brewers Association.

Down South Biergartens and Taprooms Thriving

The European concept of beer gardens is thriving in the state of South Carolina. Often referred to as taprooms, these casual gathering places where you can sip suds, get a bite to eat, play cornhole, horseshoes, darts, or Jenga are now the neighborhood haunt.

You can often hear a local singer-songwriter crooning and strumming their latest compositions or get a nosh from a popular food truck when visiting these faves. It’s not at all uncommon on a daily basis to find friends and family groups — often with pups and kids in tow —  at one of Mount Pleasant’s local taprooms.  

If you want to head out to visit the locals, plan ahead. Given the pandemic, it’s wise to call or visit each taproom’s website to find out their current hours, requirements and changes.

Map of Mt. Pleasant’s Breweries


Locals Near Longpoint

Several breweries as in the Long Point Road area making it easy to organize a tour from location to location, though you’ll need a designated driver or a Lyft or Uber. 

Two Blokes Brewing 

According to their website, Two Blokes goal is “to produce solid, unpretentious, and approachable beers.” When it comes to types of brews you’ll find there, they offer “hoppy IPAs to sessionable pub ales and fruity saisons.”  Regarding the styles of their beers, they say, “Our beers feature unique hop and grain combinations, along with some intriguing ingredients found locally and from the other side of the planet (our original founder and head brewer hailed from Australia!).”


Ghost Monkey Brewery

This creatively named enterprise gained the moniker, according to their website, from the tale of one of the owner’s “personal experience of being robbed by a ghost-like monkey with quick speed.”  Their beers range from lagers, to wheat beers, to stouts as well as ales and IPAs. 


Hobcaw Brewing Company

This popular watering hole has a sense of humor. They welcome both dogs  and kids, and note on their website, “Dogs (outside only) and kids are both welcome; leashes on dogs are mandatory but optional on children.” Their Hobclaw hard seltzer plays off a famous brand and is further indication of their wittiness.  


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Message us or email info@hobcawbrewing.com for details on reserving some space outdoors or in our furnished warehouse!

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Westbrook Brewing

This long-established brewery is known for their many popular beers. They offer tours “on the hour” when open and do not require reservations according to their website.  Their Mexican Cake brew is highly sought after and frequently sells out upon release. (I know, I’ve tried to snag some.) They are very civic minded and will donate to charitable events and have this awesome collab which benefits the S.C. Aquarium. 


Watering Holes for Craft Beer

Crafty Draught

Not a brewery, Crafty Draught is a gathering spot with 26 craft beers on tap. Located in Seaside Farms just off the Isle of Palms Connecter, this local beer garden has a flexible policy where they allow you to BYOF to enjoy with one of the craft beers that they have on tap. 


House of Brews

This local watering hole claims to have the largest selection of beers in the area. They specialize “in bottled and canned craft beer from all over the world, including 8 rotating hard-to-find beers on draft that can be enjoyed on premise or taken home in a growler.” Their location on Ben Sawyer Boulevard near the Sullivan’s Island bridge means you have a convenient location to snag some suds for quaffing while enjoying the sun. Who knows when you visit, you might see some of the talent from Southern Charm, or even a charming pup or two.


No matter which local barrelhouse or taproom you choose, you’re bound to find some swiggable suds to close out the day.

Cheers Mates! 

Featured image: Photo by Amie Johnson on Unsplash