Get out there!

Getting out on the water in and around Mt. Pleasant is one of the most wonderful ways to experience the natural environment of the Lowcountry’s marshes.

Salt marshes are the birthplace of many ocean creatures like shrimp and crabs.

SC Department of Natural Resources writes, “Marshes provide highly productive nursery grounds for numerous commercially and recreationally important species, and serve as filters to remove sediments and toxins from the water. Marshes also buffer the mainland by slowing and absorbing storm surges, thereby reducing erosion of the coastline.”

Marshes need our care

Run off pollution, construction and humans pose a danger to the health of the marsh. When you do go out paddling, keep your debris and trash with you and dispose of it after coming back ashore. Marshes have been stressed with pollution, and a lot of insults from ancient septic tanks and even the use of fertilizers on our lawns.

Things have improved due to South Carolina’s protections for the marsh. It is important to know that “Outright destruction of salt marshes has been greatly minimized due to federal and state laws. Yet, a number of threats to salt marsh habitats still exist. Over half of the nation’s people now live and work within coastal counties. The cumulative impact through water flow modifications and pollution within the watershed surrounding salt marshes can be significant. “

Birds and marsh wildlife

Snowy Egret by Alex Shutin on Unsplash

Photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash 

Black rails and marsh hens, snowy egrets, great blue herons, dolphin and even an alligator or two can be spotted from your SUP or kayak. Or your canoe if you’re going to paddle old school. 

Ways to get out there

There are a number of ways to get out there. Companies like Charleston Kayak Tours will provide you with everything you need to enjoy time on the water. This means you don’t have to own your own equipment.


Coastal Expeditions has been around for many years and they are highly rated. They have tours to the amazing Bull Island as well as paddling excursions onto Shem Creek too. Who knows, you might see one of the amazing dolphins who frolic near the shrimp boats at dock.


Spiritual balm

After a long work week, getting out in the serenity of the coastal marsh is healing. You gain a sense of unity with the beauty of our environment and get some activity accomplished too.


Store your kayak at the County Park

At Palmetto Islands County Park you can rent a rack where you can store your equipment within easy access of the kayak launch in the park. 


Plan your next family outing to allow you to experience the amazing natural paradise which surrounds us here in Mount Pleasant.